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Dead Sea Scrolls: 11Q13 - The Messiah or Melchizedek Scroll

Image of Melchizedek Scroll

11Q13 indicates the artifact was found in cave 11, while Q indicates the site as Khirbet Qumran. The later digits indicated the item number.

Soon after the discovery of the scrolls, (1947) there was considerable agreement among schoolars that Khirbet Qumran, adjacent to the caves, was linked to the find. One theory, was that Khirbet Qumran was occupied by Essenes who created the scrolls. More recently a theory that the community was positioned along an escape route from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea and those fleeing hid scrolls in caves before boarding ships.

The Melchizedek Scroll Column II Translation.

Yellow highlights in the translation indicate portions of the Hebrew Bible quoted in the text.

This document is a testimonia, a collection of verses from the Hebrew Bible, connected with interpretation to validate a theological concept.

  1. [...]...[...]
  2. [...] And as for what he said: (Lev 25:13)In [this] year of jubilee, [you shall return, each one, to his respective property, concerning it he said: (Deut 15:2) Th]is is
  3. [the manner of the release:] every creditor shall release what he lent [to his neighbour. He shall not coerce his neighbour or his brother, for it has been proclaimed] a release
  4. for G[od . Its interpretation] for the last days refers to the captives, who [...] and whose
  5. teachers have been hidden and kept secret, and from the inheritance of Melchizedek, fo[r ...] and they are the inherita[nce of Melchize] dek, who
  6. will make them return. And liberty will be proclaimed for them, to free them from [the debt of] all their iniquities. And this [wil]l [happen]
  7. in the first week of the jubilee which follows the ni[ne] jubilees. And the d[ay of aton]ement is the e[nd of] the tenth [ju]bilee
  8. in which atonement shall be made for all the sons of [light and] for the men [of] the lot of Mel[chi]zedek. [...] over [the]m ... [...] accor [ding to] a[ll] their [wor]ks, for
  9. it is the time for the year of grace of Melchizedek, and of [his] arm[ies, the nat]ion of the holy ones of God, of the rule of judgment, as is written
  10. about him in the songs of David, who said: (Ps 82:1) Elohim will [st]and in the assem[bly of God,] in the midst of the gods he judges. And about him he sai[d: (Ps 7:8-9) And] above [it,]
  11. to the heights, return: God will judge the peoples . As for what he sa[id:(Ps 82:2) How long will you] judge unjustly and show partia [lity] to the wicked? [Se]lah.
  12. Its interpretation concerns Belial and the spirits of his lot, wh[o ...] turn[ing aside] from the commandments of God to [commit evil.]
  13. But, Melchizedek will carry out the vengeance of Go[d's] judgments, [and on that day he will fr]e[e them from the hand of] Belial and from the hand of all the sp[irits of his lot.]
  14. To his aid (shall come) all the gods of [justice ; and h]e is the one w[ho ...] all the sons of God, and ... [...]
  15. This [...] is the day of [peace about whi]ch he said [... through Isa]iah the prophet, who said: [(Isa 52:7) How] beautiful
  16. upon the mountains are the feet [of] the messen[ger who] announces peace, the mess[enger of good who announces salvati]on, [sa]ying to Zion: your God [reigns.]
  17. Its interpretation: The mountains [are] the prophet[s ...]... [...] for all ... [...]
  18. And the messenger i[s] the anointed of the spir[it] as Dan[iel] said [about him: (Dan 9:25) Until an anointed, a prince, it is seven weeks. And the messenger of]
  19. good who announ[ces salvation] is the one about whom it is written that [...]
  20. To comfo[rt] the [afflicted , its interpretation:] to instruct them in all the ages of the wo[rld ...]
  21. in truth ... [...] ... [...]
  22. [...] has turned away from Belial and will re[turn ...] ... [...]
  23. [...] in the judgment[s of] God, as is written about him: [(Isa 52:7) Saying to Zi]on: your God rules. [Zi]on i[s]
  24. [the congregation of all the sons of justice, those] who establish the covenant, those who avoid walking [on the pa]th of the people. And your God is
  25. [... Melchizedek, who will fr]e[e them from the ha]nd of Belial. And as for what he said: (Lev 25:9) You shall blow the hor[n in] all the [l]and of

- Endnotes -

  1. Translation from Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition; Garcia Martinez and Eibert J. C.; Tigchelaar, 1209.

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